TLCBD Board of Directors

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All board and committee meetings are held at the TLCBD Office, 512 Ellis Street.

Board of Directors meets every 3rd Monday of the month at 5 PM.

Executive Committee meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 5 PM. 

Safe Passage Committee meets every 1st Monday of the month at 5:00 PM.

Communication and Engagement Committee (CEC) meets every 4th Monday of the month at 5 PM.

Public Right of Way Committee meets every 2nd Thursday of the month at 12PM.


Board and Committee


Click here to access agendas and minutes from 2015 and 2016.

Executive Committee: 2nd Monday, 5 PM

3.12.2018     Agenda/Packet  Minutes

2.12.2018     Agenda/Packet  Minutes

1.8.2018       Agenda/Packet  Minutes

12.11.2017   Agenda/Packet  Minutes

11.13.2017   Agenda/Packet  Minutes

10.9.2017    Agenda/Packet   Minutes

9.11.2017    Agenda/Packet   Minutes

7.10.2017    Agenda/Packet    Minutes

6.12.2017    Agenda/Packet   Minutes

5.8.2017      Agenda/Packet  Minutes

4.10.2017    Agenda    Minutes

3.13.2017    Agenda    Minutes

2.13.2017    Agenda    

1.9.2017      Agenda    

Board of Directors: 3rd Monday, 5 PM

3.19.2018 Agenda/Packet Minutes

2.20.2018 Agenda/Packet Minutes

1.29.2018 Agenda/Packet Minutes

12.18.2017 Agenda/Packet Minutes

11.20.2017 Agenda/Packet Minutes

10.16.2017  Agenda/Packet  Minutes

9.18.2017    Agenda/Packet  Minutes

8.7.2017      Agenda/Packet  Minutes

7.17.2017    Agenda/Packet   Minutes

6.19.2017    Agenda/Packet   Minutes

5.15.2017    Agenda/Packet   Minutes

4.17.2017    Agenda    Minutes

3.20.2017    Agenda    Minutes

2.27.2017    Agenda    Minutes

1.23.2017    Agenda    Minutes


Safe Passage Committee: 1st Monday, 5:00 PM

3.5.2018     Agenda Minutes

2.5.2018     Agenda Minutes

1.1.2018     Meeting Cancelled

12.4.2017  Agenda Minutes

11.6.2017   Agenda  Minutes

10.2.2017    Agenda   Minutes

9.12.2017    Agenda    Minutes

7.10.2017    Agenda   Minutes

6.5.2017      Agenda   Minutes

5.8.2017      Agenda    Minutes

4.10.2017    Agenda    Minutes

3.13.2017    Agenda    Minutes

2.13.2017    Agenda    Minutes

1.9.2017      Agenda    Minutes

Community Engagement Committee (CEC):
4th Monday, 5 PM

3.26.2018       Agenda Minutes

2.26.2018       Agenda Minutes

1.22.2018       Agenda Minutes

12.25.2017     Meeting Cancelled

11.27.2017     Meeting Cancelled

10.23.2017     Agenda    Minutes

9.25.2017       Agenda    Minutes

7.24.2017       Agenda    Minutes

6.26.2017       Agenda    Minutes

5.22.2017       Agenda    Minutes

4.24.2017       Agenda    Minutes

3.27.2017       Agenda    Minutes

2.6.2017         Agenda    

1.12.2017       Agenda    


Public Rights of Way Committee (PROW): 2nd Thursday, 12 PM (eff. 2/8/18:  new time)

3.8.2018      Agenda    Minutes

2.8.2018      Agenda    Minutes

1.11.2018    Agenda    Minutes

12.14.2017   Agenda    Minutes

10.12.2017   Agenda   Minutes

9.14.2017     Agenda    Minutes

8.10.2017     Agenda    Minutes

7.13.2017     Agenda    Minutes

6.8.2017       Agenda    Minutes  

5.11.2017    Agenda    Minutes





Board of Directors

Dan Williams (Chair)
Business Owner Representative

Pratibha Tekkey (Vice Chair)
Property Owner Representative
Tenderloin Housing Clinic

Julie Burdick (Secretary)
Property Owner Representative
Shorenstein Properties LLC

Ross Stackhouse (Treasurer)
Property Owner Representative
Tidewater Capital

Frank Manchen
Property Owner Representative
Hilton Hotel

David Seward
Property Owner Representative
UC Hastings College of Law

Tomás Riley
Property Owner Representative

James Neal
Property Owner Representative

Pedro Torres
Resident Representative

Peter Stevens
Resident Representative

Paula Fleisher
At-Large Representative

Curtis Bradford
Resident Representative

Christian Agulles
Business Owner Representative
PAE Consulting Engineers

Toby Shorts
Property Owner Representative
Curry Senior Center

Lowell Caulder
Business Owner Representative
Studio Dental




Committees are in charge of discussing the policies and projects under their supervision, honing specific proposals to go in front of the Board of Directors, and implementing projects guided by the Management Plan. The chair of each committee is a member of the Board of Directors and on the executive committee. All Committee meetings are open to the public and we encourage anyone interested in the betterment of the Tenderloin neighborhood to join one. Committee members discuss and evaluate our programs and initiatives and recommend plans of action to the full Board.

If you would like to join a committee or would like more information please send us note by clicking HERE.


Community Engagement and Communication Committee (CEC)
The CEC Committee oversees the marketing, communications, and community engagement for every aspect of the TLCBD. 

Public Right of Way Committee (PROW)
The PROW Committee oversees the many projects and partnerships happening on the sidewalks and in the public right of way. This includes the TLCBD's Clean Team.

Safe Passage Committee
The Safe Passage Committee oversees both the Safe Passage Program and the Safe Seniors Program.